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Monthly Website/Social Media Maintenance

A Monthly Website and Social Media Management package typically involves a comprehensive set of services to ensure the ongoing health, performance, and engagement of a business's online presence. The specific inclusions can vary depending on the client's needs and the agency's offerings, but here are common components:

Monthly Website/Social Media Maintenance

  • ontent Updates:

    • Regular updates to website content, including text, images, and multimedia elements.
    • Addition or removal of products, services, or other relevant information.


    Security Monitoring:

    • Regular monitoring for security vulnerabilities and prompt application of updates and patches.


    Backup and Recovery:

    • Scheduled backups of the website to prevent data loss.
    • Implementation of a recovery plan in case of website issues.


    Performance Optimization:

    • Regular performance assessments to ensure fast loading times.
    • Optimization of images, scripts, and other elements affecting website speed.


    Plugin and Theme Updates:

    • Management and updating of plugins and themes to maintain compatibility and security.


    Bug Fixes and Troubleshooting:

    • Prompt identification and resolution of website issues and bugs.


    Analytics and Reporting:

    • Implementation and monitoring of analytics tools to track website traffic, user behavior, and other relevant metrics.
    • Regular reporting on website performance.


    SEO Maintenance:

    • Ongoing SEO updates and optimizations to improve search engine rankings.
    • Monitoring and analysis of keyword performance.


    User Training and Support:

    • Continued training for website administrators on how to use and update the website.
    • Content Creation and Posting:

    • Creation and scheduling of engaging social media posts across relevant platforms.
    • Coordination of content with current marketing strategies.



    By combining website and social media management, you can maintain a cohesive and effective online presence, fostering audience engagement and driving business goals. The specific details of each package would be tailored to your needs and our expertise.


    Competitor Analysis:

    Monitoring and analyzing the social media presence of competitors. Adjusting strategies based on competitive insights.


    Social Media Platform Updates:

    Keeping up with changes in algorithms and features on social media platforms. Implementation of new features or strategies as appropriate.


    Monthly Reports:

    Compilation and analysis of social media performance metrics. Recommendations for improvements based on data insights.


    Follower Growth:

    Strategies for increasing social media followers and building a community. Collaboration with influencers or other partnerships to expand reach.


    Advertising Management:

    Management of social media advertising campaigns if included in the package. Analysis of ad performance and adjustments as needed.


    Social Media Strategy:

    Development and adjustment of a social media strategy based on analytics and performance data. Introduction of new tactics to improve social media reach and engagement.


    Audience Engagement:

    Monitoring and responding to comments, messages, and mentions on social media. Encouraging audience interaction and participation.

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